This is another side blog focusing more on my weight loss, progress, intakes, and personal thoughts. I will be doing a 90 day challenge where I can only eat according to my plan. Starting on September 1.

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Rant on jean sizes

It’s so frustrating. I’m in the process of losing weight/fat and right now my jean size is between a size 4 and a size 2. A size 4 is too loose while a size 2 is a little too tight. So right now I’m wearing a size 4 jeans to school and I’m constantly having to pull up my pants when walking and it’s kinda embarrassing. Right now be a good time to buy a belt…

Day 3 intake~

Meal 1: blueberry paleo pancakes with coffee and almond milk

Meal 2: 1 apple and a cup of cantaloupe

Meal 3: turkey burger with mixed vegetables 

Meal 4: 2 tbsp almond butter and a apple

Meal 5: shrimp with a large salad and squash

Total: 1,650 calories

Anonymous asked: Didnt you already go paleo??

I wanted too, but then I stopped since it was unrealistic for me to go 100%.

Day 1 & 2 Update

Day 1 and 2 was okay. Could of been better, but wasn’t bad. I ate below 1,800 calories both days(that’s good!), but didn’t exercise during day 1 due to it being a weekend and feeling tired and “sluggish”. Day #2 I manage to do a short workout, but wasn’t as tough and as long as I wanted too… Day 3 I’m going to do a harder workout.

Another thing I noticed, On Day 1 and 2, I ate relatively high carb diet (with all healthy foods of course). Both days I ate between 170 to 180 grams of carbs, which is yes, considered high carb. There’s nothing wrong with that, but with a higher carb diet, I noticed my body doesn’t respond to that well! Every time I eat a high-carb meal, I feel sleepy and my energy is zapped away! Hmmmm… It made me think. Starting tomorrow, I’m gonna experiment with a mostly Paleo diet. After reintroducing dairy back into my diet back in late July, I been starting to breakout more than usual! I’m going to give this whole Paleo diet a try. I probably won’t go 100% Paleo, I probably still have some plain greek yogurt and oats from there to there, but I’m going to keep it at 80% Paleo and under 140 grams of carbs a day. I will give you all a brief update on that soon.

Also, I forgot to post my intake both days, but I’ll make sure to post one tomorrow. :)

Happy September!

Just went grocery shopping and bought tons of food, meals are planned ahead, I’m gonna workout will be first thing in the morning, and I’m all ready to start! Day 1, here I come! :)

The 12 Week Get Lean Challenge

It has officially begun.

The 12-Week “we-are-gonna-get-six-packs”, “no-more-jiggle-in-the-wiggle”, “you-could-bounce-a-quarter-off-that” Fit Challenge!

I know this blog once been a 30-day challenge for eating clean, but it’s not anymore. It really hasn’t been working with that so I went to a nutritionist/personal trainer and they designed me a new plan that I will stick with this time and will work.

I been off track lately. Too focused with school and work and other responsibilities. I been snacking when bored and not exercising lately. I know it’s no excuse, but it’s been hard, so that is why I came up with a 12 week challenge to whip me up back into shape and get the body I desire. 

So, let me tell you a little bit more about this challenge, and about myself, and my goals I hope to reach in these next 12 weeks.

The Challenge:

Over the next 12 weeks I will be following tailored diet and training plans – specific to my goals. I’m are required to eat 6 meals per day, which are set out for us with a range of substitutions. This will help maximize our metabolism and provide our bodies with the appropriate macro-nutrient amounts to develop lean muscle mass and reduce fat mass.

I’m required to exercise 5 days per week, with 2 resting days. Each day of exercise I will focus on a variety of resistance training exercises specific to an area of our bodies and also include cardiovascular exercise most of those days. As I progress through the challenge so will our diet and training – as I will need to continue to challenge ourselves as I grow stronger and get closer to our goals.

I will check in with our trainers on a weekly basis so they can monitor our progress, and meet with them periodically throughout the challenge!

Now, I’ll give you the lowdown on where I’m at and my goals!

Lucky for me, my job and my passion for health and wellness give me no choice but to keep generally fit and healthy, and I am incredibly thankful for that. I do not, by any means, think that I am “out of shape” or “fat” at all, the reason I want to do this challenge is to push myself like I never have before and truly get into the best shape of my life!! I have heard many people say, “you don’t need to do a fitness challenge” or “you’re in great shape already!” and those are wonderful compliments, which honestly make me blush!! I truly feel however, that I am not physically where I COULD be, so I hope all who are reading this will understand where I am coming from in making the choice to do this challenge!

My biggest obstacle with this program will be lining up my diet with my schedule. I tend to eat less than I should on most given days, and being in back-to-back appointments most days I can often go 5-6 hours without eating a proper meal, even though I do try to snack in between, I still don’t take in as much as I should. My solution is to rearrange my schedule so I can eat more regularly throughout the day – so we will see how that goes!

As for my goals – I aim to focus on toning and strengthening my entire body; head to toe! I want to be stronger, faster, leaner, and more fit than ever before! I also hope to increase my overall energy and stamina!

So all we ask of you, wonderful readers, is to also keep us accountable! We would love for you to follow along with the updates, make comments, ask questions, get involved, or even start your own challenge!

I will be posting an update regularly including info such as workout ideas, recipes, examples of what we eat in a day, and of course PROGRESS PICTURES and stats, and I may even do updates that talk about the challenges we come across, because we all know, this isn’t going to be easy!!!

I hope that in sharing our 12-week challenge with you , you are able to learn something and are inspired to challenge yourself to become fitter, healthier, and happier!

As you may have guessed, my recipe posts over the next 12 weeks will also be a little different because we are now following individualized diet plans that have been given to us – so I will have to be creative in making recipes that coincide with this diet and that are also delicious, interesting, and exciting enough to share with all of you!

Wish me luck!!

Until next time!

CREDIT: I don’t take credit for writing this. This was written by the wonderful blog: Nutritionist in the Kitch, but was a bit edited by me!